Client Testimonials

Testimonials from a few of our Clients

“If you suspect a mold problem, Texas Mold Inspectors is your company. We had a mold problem and Josh Rachal came out quickly to fully assess the situation and problem. He will make sure that before he leaves that every detail of the home is assessed and gave a lot of advice and treated us like family. Josh and Emily are very knowledgeable and have extensive knowledge in multiple areas, caring and passionate at what they do. I had a lot of questions and he patiently answered all of them. Throughout the entire process Josh and Emily are always available to answer phone calls and go over and beyond their call. I highly recommend Texas Mold Inspectors for your inspection needs.”
Rocco Chiovitti

“After having a potential investment property inspected, it was reported that “organic growth” was found. I contacted Texas Home Inspectors to learn more about mold remediation and inspections. Emily was patient and thorough to answer all of my questions. She recommended that we have a mold inspection completed prior to the ending of the option period. I AM EXTREMELY THANKFUL WE DID! Josh was able to point out all of the areas that “organic growth”/mold was spotted. Areas we thought were dirt were in fact mold. The moisture reading in certain areas of the apartment was off the charts.This was the best money I’ve ever spent!”
Sherri C.

“PRIOR to having Josh come out to my house I had been taken advantage of by a mold specialist who claimed to be the best one out there. This person came into my home and was not professional whatsoever. He was dishonest about tests that I requested and charged me several hundred dollars for very sloppy work.
The man didn’t even follow up to go over my results. It was very frustrating.
He was aware of my sons medical history with open heart surgery and a severe mold allergy. Josh’s wonderful wife made Josh aware of our home damage from Harvey, coupled with our years of water damage that had not been adequately addressed. She told him about our awful and expensive experience with the other guy. He and his wife felt compelled to squeeze me into their very busy schedule on what would be his only day off and he came to my home and did a very thorough examination of my home. He went over and beyond to help our family get answers that we could not afford to get otherwise. They were so generous with their time and their guidance along the way too. I’m so grateful for people who run businesses with not only profit in mind but also with compassion. Real, genuine human beings are running this company. I’m so grateful to have stumbled on a real professional amidst the storm.”
Samantha Divin

“ I would like to take a minute to stop and thank you Josh for the job you did at the house my grand kids live in. You were very professional in your approach and you also helped educate us to the hazards associated with mold. I suspect that some people don’t always appreciate your thorough job, but in the long run you save people money and in some cases their lives, if they are smart enough to understand the hazards associated with mold. After you finished with their house I suspect they are safer in it than any other house in the neighborhood, they don’t have to worry about a mold issue at all. Thanks again! ”

Mark Holland

“I have had such a positive experience working with this company since the flooding of home due to Harvey. Emily is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job educating her clients. The technicians are also very friendly and customer service oriented. I would highly recommend this company!”
Alex & Jen Milian

“Professional, Efficient & Caring. Josh & Emily jumped thru hoops to accommodate our ever changing post-Hurricane Harvey recovery schedule. It’s rare and very gratifying to work with such professionals especially in time of need. Thanks again for your guidance and support!”
J. Moss

“There’s a reason people are giving this company such high reviews! They stand behind their research, their work and their heart for seeing people not be sick anymore. You won’t regret hiring Texas Mold Inspectors.”
Debra Nieuwsma

“If you’re looking for a mold inspector this is the right company! We found Texas Mold Inspectors through google after having an emergency situation from finding 5 different toxic molds in our house through tape tests. We were actually extremely skeptical of mold inspectors because of all of the scams that were happening after Hurricane Harvey, but we are so glad we found this company.

We called Texas Mold Inspectors and spoke with Emily. Not knowing how she would respond after talking to several other companies. I told her our story about our daughter getting sick and that we found mold in our home. And she was so understanding, relatable, and extremely comforting. It was like talking to a friend that knew me. It was no longer a business conversation but I was talking to someone that truly wanted to help me and make sure my family was well.

These people have hearts of gold, both Emily and Josh. The work they did for us meant more than their business. Josh is probably one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever meet when it comes to mold and his profession. We learned so much. From the moment he walked in the door to the moment he left, he was dedicated to finding the problem, he even put on plastic booties over his shoes to prevent cross contamination! He cut no corners on doing his job well. He was focused and determined and also friendly. He even spent long periods of time in the attic searching and sweating to find effected areas. He also took the time to explain, not only everything that he was doing and looking for, but he took the time to educate us about mold, the dangers of it, and he related to us on a personal level. He wasn’t just inspecting our home for mold, he was helping, caring for, and serving our family. Turns out our home did in fact have high levels of mold and it was making our daughter more sick than she already was.
Because of Texas Mold Inspectors, we are now out of that home that was poisoning us and on the journey towards healing.

We were highly impressed with the professional inspection report that we got back. It was quite extensive and extremely professional with pictures and more educational facts about mold. TMI also took the time to explain the report back to us in a way that we could understand.

I can’t say enough good words about our experience with Texas Mold Inspector’s. They hold a dear place in our hearts. And if you think that’s weird for someone to say about a mold inspection, wait until you meet them. You’ll understand. They’re incredible. My wife literally said that she believes Josh is an angel sent from God and that him, and his company are heroes in our family’s life story. I feel safer, more knowledgeable, and better equipped regarding mold after working with them. It would have taken me tons of time and research to learn what he taught us. On our next home purchase we know what to look for and where to look and the right questions to ask because of Texas Mold Inspectors.”

Grant Cupstid

“ We returned to “inhabit” the upstairs of our home (one inundated and remained submerged for two weeks after Hurricane Harvey) when we learned the “next step” in the seemingly endless flood “muck-out” involved a mold inspection.

Mold inspection companies are working at capacity anyway and I knew post- flood scheduling would be tough but, I wasn’t prepared for the “first available” appointment be several weeks away. Emily at Texas Mold Inspectors called me back late the day I left a message requesting an appointment and got us on their schedule within four (4) days. So … the level of customer service provided by Texas Mold Inspectors was already impressive compared to my experience with their competitors (four of them to be exact, none of whom could get me on their schedule inside of two weeks).

Josh arrived within 20 minutes of the scheduled time and proceeded to explain … well, everything we didn’t want to know about mold! Especially it’s presence in our home and toured us about, flashlight in hand to locate and identify, speculate on origin/source and educate us on how to address it from a mitigation perspective as well as going forward preventatively.

In a word, Josh was “comprehensive”. He scoured the house in search of mold, spores and nurturing conditions and advised us against doing air-quality tests as they were sure to fail. The fact that he could have done the recommended number of air quality tests to demonstrate and identify the presence of mold in our home and DIDN’T speaks to his integrity.

The fact that he spent easily as much time providing information, recommendations, product reference and guidance on getting to the point where we would a) have only acceptable levels of mold present and b) get negative results on air quality tests, so that c) we’d be able to acquire certification of being mold-free; speaks to his professionalism.

Both his demonstrated integrity and professionalism speak to his dedication and commitment to his job and we’re grateful to have had the good fortune to cross paths with Josh & Emily at a time (and in an industry) rife with opportunists.

That these folks are friendly, caring and communicative is hopefully evident by these comments (but saying it just in case!) I highly recommend Texas Mold Inspectors who don’t under-promise, but DO over deliver! ”


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