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Our sole job is to get you the information you need in order for you to have your home or work place properly remediated the first time, as well as determine wether or not your environment is habitual for you to stay in until successful remediation has been performed and verified by either your Licensed Mold Consultant or insurance adjuster.

We provide the necessary protocols when needed, and all forms of sampling (Air, Wall Cavity, Tape, Swab, Vacuum and qPCR-DNA Wipe samples for litigation cases or medical purposes.)

 Texas is one of many states that regulates the Mold Assessment and Mold Remediation Industry.

Per the Attorney General,

“Under state law, a mold assessment must be done before remediation begins.”(1)

This is important, as if you don’t have a mold assessment performed prior to mold remediation starting, then you will be relying on a contractor to decide what needs to be remediated and if a protocol needs to be written.

All non-exempt mold assessors and remediators must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

Be wary of possible conflicts of interest on the part of companies that provide multiple services.

A person may hold licenses, but may not do both jobs on the same project. In addition, a person may not own an interest in both firms that do the assessment and the remediation on the same project.(1)

So if a remediation contractor says they can also do your mold assessment, they are breaking the law. It can only be done by a Mold Assessment Consultant or Mold Assessment technician that is NOT apart of the same company that performed your Mold Remediation.

About TMI and why we are in the Mold Assessment Industry

TMI are true; unbiased; third party; state licensed Mold Assessment Consultants with a strict “No Referral Policy.”

We do this in order to give our clients the peace of mind in knowing that we are there for them and not trying to up sell them by referring them to someone that pays us to refer them business. It happens in this industry…which can create a conflict of interest and dishonesty about the true conditions in your home or workplace. Which is why we have the “No Referral Policy.” If we say you have mold, then you know that we are being honest, as there is no monetary gain for us in saying you have mold and that you do need mold remediation.


We got into this industry because we experienced Mold ourselves and we wanted to help people the way we wished someone would have helped us.

We learned a lot from our own mold experience as we were taken advantage of by both the Mold Assessment and Remediation company because we did not know the laws and rules put in place by TDLR and TMARR. People need to be armed with the right information that is put into place to protect clients from being taken advantage of. We help our clients by pointing them to TDLR’s website in order for them to find State licensed Mold Remediation contractors in their area and to check their license status in regards to how long they have been licensed and if their license has had any disciplinary actions against it. Education is key and we do our best to help arm our clients with the information they will need and can use to make sure they are being treated ethically.


TMI has grown to be one of the best and most trusted in the industry. We are recognized and referred by attorneys, doctors, clients and the good contractors.

We are not liked by the contractors who do a poor remediation job and where we are the consultant hired to check their work. We pride our selves on our thoroughness and honesty. We will not overlook any deficiency that should fail remediation out of convenance for any contractor and/or client; because then we could be held liable, and the client could find themselves needing remediation again in the future since all the mold and moisture was not resolved the first time. The last thing we want is for anyone to move back into an environment that still has mold growth and unresolved moisture problems that could cause them to react to their environment and need further costly remediation.

Depending on the amount of mold found will determine if a client will need a Mold remediation protocol or if they can do the work themselves and or need a state licensed Mold remediation company versus a general contractor. We will always recommend that a client hire a licensed mold remediation company over an unlicensed Water Restoration company in all scenarios. Here are the reasons why…


In order to gain a Mold Remediation License you must first qualify and then pass the eligibility requirements to get a license from TDLR as a Mold Remediation contractor.


CLICK HERE to review TDLR’s Qualification and eligibility requirements for you to review and see why it’s best to hire someone that has insurance to cover potential problems or damages that may arise in your home or workplace during mold remediation as well as they must complete the training course and pass a criminal background check to be allowed to hold a Mold Remediation License in Texas.


Licensed companies are held accountable and have to follow the rules and laws the state of Texas has in place for Mold remediation.


Unlicensed one’s don’t.

Download the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Qualifications 

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