“This is Malachi’s Story”


In Early March 2015, My family and I sold our home, left our careers and moved from Austin, TX. to Livingston, TX. to pursue an opportunity that was presented to us of buying a family owned restaurant. That decision was driven mainly for the opportunity it would allow us to spend more time together as a family raising our new son, Sebastian, whom was 10 months old at the time. It would also allow me to be with Sebastian full time at home while also spending more time with family and other relatives that would be much closer to us if we lived in Livingston. The townhouse we moved into had been freshly painted and cleaned. We didn’t see anything wrong with it at first. That first night we discovered the tub leaked from the upstairs bathroom into the kitchen downstairs. That next morning we walked out back to find the pool was not full of clean water; instead it looked like a black mushy swamp which you could not see through. The landlord apologized for the pools state when he arrived to look at the leak and promised to get it cleaned before the summer and he did have the tub leak repaired that week… However, he made a comment that it had leaked before and that this same plumbing issue had actually flooded the downstairs at one time in the past. Seeing the immediate concern on my face, the Landlord explained that it had been fully remediated and that he had moved the current tenants at that time out in order to remediate the downstairs correctly. I took him at his word since other than the pool looking like a black mushy swamp, which Josh and his brother would eventually drain and clean, the townhouse seemed clean otherwise. We also couldn’t find any other leaks or visible water stains. This would all change in the months to come…

Our Family’s Health

My family has always been very healthy and at this point in time, our son hadn’t had any health problems other than the normal teething issues that many infants go through.

Our 2 dogs started going to the bathroom in the home as if they couldn’t hold it. They were very house trained and we hadn’t had any issues with them since they were pups. We brushed it off to being nervous in the new environment. Then our son started to get really congested about the same time my husband started to suffer from an extreme case of sinusitis. We brushed it off again to the new environment and allergies.

Our son whom had no problem with his ears or being around other people suddenly developed chronic ear infections and an extreme case of fear of anyone but us. He started hitting his head on the walls and slapping at his head with his hands. Our relatives said it’s more likely due to teething. I had him checked out and the doctor said he is probably developing allergies to the new area since Pollen was really bad in Livingston. He told me if his drainage was clear, then it’s allergies. Se we brushed it off again.

My husband’s sinusitis was persistent and continued off and on every month that we lived there. He started to also develop pain in his joints, involuntary twitching, problems with his memory and speech and inflammation in his neck. His joint pain was so bad, that he had trouble standing up straight in the mornings.

Then I started to get ill. One morning when I woke to get out of bed, I couldn’t. I could not lift my legs because the pain in my abdomen was so severe. This pain persisted for 3 weeks and would continue off and on for the year we lived there. I did go to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and the results came back negative. I kept telling the doctor that something was wrong. The pain was too severe for it to be nothing. I thought I had developed IBS or Endometriosis. Those were the 2 diagnosis that I felt matched all my symptoms in the beginning. My doctor’s remedy was to prescribe me birth control to see if that would help regulate my hormones and help solve some of my problems; It didn’t.

Then a leak from the roof started in our living room. Apparently it had been a problem before. The landlord had it repaired but it came back within a month. It was never repaired again even though we told them several times it had started again. It was around this same time that a huge water stain appeared on the second floor above the stairs. It had been painted over and when we asked about it. They said they had that leak repaired and there was nothing to worry about. It was just an old water stain.

But when our dog started to have seizures and our son started to develop breathing issues along with his other problems that now included bowel issues, I consulted his doctor if there was any chance this could be mold related. He said no. He listened to our sons lungs and said there was definitely build up but it was more than likely due to a cold. So another prescription was prescribed. Our dogs seizure was never explained, nor were the 2 benign tumors she now has in her stomach.

Skip a few months and we are all still battling issues. But around Christmas is when I went downhill fast. I had recently started to have Anxiety attacks when I never had an issue before with anxiety at all. It was terrifying. I was losing my hair, I had problems regulating my body temperature, dark circles were present under all our eyes in addition to us all having digestive issues, excessive thirst, fatigue, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, and short term memory problems…. BUT… My head started to hurt, not like a typical headache at all. I was waking up in puddles of sweat and my joints started to ache all over. I thought I had the flu or something one day and it started the day after our son was diagnosed with strep. My strep test came back negative and the doctor said I didn’t have the flu. They gave me a prescription for strep just in case, which didn’t help. Over the next four months all of mine and my family’s symptoms continued to get worse and my headache spread all over my head… my scalp became so painful to touch, I didn’t want to wash or brush my hair. My headache would not go away. Then I thought I had runners colitis one day after I ran a few miles. That problem persisted for months…. I developed involuntary twitching of my fingers and my right eye. I had constant drainage. My memory was horrible, I started to stutter a lot and I started to have heart palpitation issues along with almost daily anxiety attacks now. Additionally, I developed a fear of stray animals… oddly enough, I am an animal lover. The doctor examined me again and said there was a lot of fluid build up behind my ears and gave me another prescription. It did not cure it. I went back and they performed a visual check for meningitis; negative. They did an x-ray of my lungs; negative. I had squishy knots on the back of my scalp suddenly appear. Then a tumor like bump appeared on my leg, but it went away after 2 weeks. I was getting sick of being sick while at the same time trying to be there for my family whom was not feeling 100% either. I felt like I was going mad. Going to the doctors felt like a dead end to me and all I felt that I could do was pray since the doctors prescriptions weren’t helping me at all. So I prayed a lot.

Our “aha” Moment

The prayers were answered when we decided to schedule a trip out of town to visit my brother and his family in late March. It had been almost 13 months now that we had lived in that town home. After the first 24 hours of not being in that town home, for the first time in almost 4 months, I told my husband that my head actually felt better. After 48 hours, the pain in my head was still not as severe as it had been. He also told me that he was feeling better too and our son was also acting more energetic than he had been in a long while.

We knew right then, that something was wrong with that townhouse. We had it tested for mold as soon as we got back. It showed positive for high levels of many TOXIC MOLDS: Stachybotrys, Chaetomium, Fusarium, Cladosporium, Altenaria and Penicillium/Aspergillus-like. All molds were present at high levels at different levels throughout the townhome where my son our dogs and I spent most of our day. It was also present at high levels in the ac system, which means the toxic mold spores were in every room. I was thrilled to find out that it was mold causing the issues with my family; but scared at what kind of damage it may have caused our son. He had started trying to speak around age 1 but now he was almost 2 and he had not only reverted back to babbling, he developed social issues, sensory problems, digestive problems and he has the same knots on the back of his scalp as I developed which caused me so much head pain.

I spoke to a doctor and a professor in downtown Houston that’s an instructor on mold related illness. He said the best cure is getting out of the toxic environment, time and changing our nutrition to not include any moldy or sugary foods; such as cheese, yogurt beer, wine, coffee etc… We would need time for our bodies to detoxify naturally and by cutting out sugar and any foods made of mold would help expedite our recovery.

We have personally been evaluated by a Mold Speciaslt doctor in order to help us recover more quickly. Through our research we have found that many well name individuals have been poisoned by Mold. Suzanne Somers was told she had inoperable cancer when it was mold in her body and not Cancer. Her husband was being pre-diagnosed with Parkinson’s when it was Mold causing his symptoms similar to Parkinson’s. Suzanne wrote a book called TOX-SICK and had been interviewed about her exposure to Mold and her anther families journey to recovery which also involved coming to Texas to work with a mold specialist doctor. Erin Brockovich after she earned her millions helping others with the water poisoning issue was poisoned by mold in the new home she built with her money. She said “It was like this hanger-onner kinda flu. Achey, night sweats, headache. And I had been on antibiotics month after month.” She said her whole family suffered from it.

Mold does not discriminate, where there is water and a food source, it will grow.

Our Persistent Battle

When we moved out. The nightmare did not stop. We had to leave all of our things in the townhouse since they were exposed to the mold mycotoxins and needed to be cleaned after the mold remediation. The company that did the remediation was not licensed and ended up exposing more of our belongings to the mold spores through their sloppy workmanship. The landlord refuses to compensate us for our loss. So we have had to come out of pocket for everything necessary to be comfortable in a new house. It was a costly lesson on our health and our finances.

Fighting Back

We decided right then, that we want to do everything we can to prevent anyone from going through what we had to endure. We contacted the state and after passing their qualifications needed to be eligible to become a licensed Mold Consultant with the state, we got educated and trained and licensed by the State of Texas to do mold inspections.

We have personally inspected 14 schools after Hurricane Harvey and have completed around 300 home and business assessments. Recently we have been used as an expert witness for the unhealthy conditions of an apartment complex. We are GREAT at what we do because we care about You and your health first.

It is now our goal, which is fueled by our passion in life, to educate the public on prevention and secure people’s peace of mind and air quality. No one will treat your home or business with as much care and attention to detail as we will.

We also have over 15 years experience combined in the home construction industry; giving our clients the extra peace of mind that we are also knowledgeable on not only Mold but the structural integrity of your business or home.

If you suspect a problem, please give us call.