Do you have mold? Take our quiz to find out.

Answer the questions below to see if you may have a mold problem. Every home, business and individual’s situation is different. Some may not see visible water damage but are experiencing health related problems. Some may not have any health problems but know there’s an issue because they can smell it or see visible proof (i.e. wallpaper or paint peeling in certain areas, water stains, actual mold growth).

The bottom line is that Mold can not only become a health issue but a very detrimental and expensive problem to repair if not caught sooner than later.

Are you experiencing any health issues such as:
- Chronic Sinus Inflammation
- Headaches
- Fatigue and/or Dizziness
- Respiratory Complications
- Anxiety
- Skin Irritation
- Trouble Concentrating
- Memory Loss
- Abnormal Heart Rhythms
- Sudden and Severe Cramping
When you travel out of town, do your symptoms get better or does the severity of them decrease?
Have your pets been sick or had any seizures?
Pets, infants, the elderly and those with immune compromised systems tend to show health problems sooner than that of a healthy individual.
Has your property experienced any past Flooding?
If your house has been flooded in the past then it's likely that mold would've started to grow. Any mold would probably be growing in places where flood water remained the longest such as in the basement. Floods can often create mold growing out of sight behind walls or under floors.
Do you have issues with condensation or humidity problems within your home?
Condensation will occur on glass, windows or metal pipes. Rusting metal pipes indoors are a sign that you have a lot of condensation in your home.
Do you have ongoing problems with water leaking in from the windows, chimney, roof, or any plumbing?
Has there been water damage that was not repaired and properly dried within 48 hours?
Is paint peeling or wall paper peeling or discolored in certain areas?
Are there any visible water stains on the ceiling or walls?
Is there a musty or strange smell?
Can you see visible mold growth?

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