Detailed Visual Inspection – for visible mold growth and or active water leaks or environments conducive for mold growth.

Moisture Reading – to uncover hidden mold growth by checking for elevated levels of moisture in your walls, floors and ceiling.

Humidity Reading – to check for elevated levels of humidity through out the indoor environment.

Indoor air sample – A sample taken from an indoor source. Usually compared with an outdoor sample to determine if there are elevated concentrations of spores present indoors.

Tape Sampling – A sample collected by applying and peeling away a transparent piece of tape on a surface area suspected to be contaminated with mold. During this process, the mold present on the surface sampled adheres to the surface of the tape. The sample thus collected can be processed and analyzed by the laboratory.

Swab sample – A sample collected by applying a swab to an area suspected of being contaminated with mold. The sample thus collected can be processed and analyzed by the laboratory to detect the mold present.

Wall Cavity Sampling – Samples taken from inside a wall. This is usually accomplished by sampling at the mouth of an electrical outlet after removing its cover or from any other opening to the inside of a wall.

Bulk sample – A physical piece of a material suspected of being contaminated with mold that can be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Protocol Productions – A mold remediation protocol (mold remediation work analysis) is a document, prepared by a licensed mold consultant for a client, that specifies the estimated quantities and locations of materials to be remediated and the proposed remediation methods and clearance criteria for each type of remediation in each type of area for a mold remediation project. 

Consultations – with your Attorney and or Builder.

Mold Remediation Consulting – with your remediation contractor.

Detailed Assessments – for litigation cases in town or anywhere needed in Texas.

Note: Please check with Texas Mold Inspectors for the costs associated with the above services. Some have a flat fee as others are charged hourly.