Mold Inspection

Our Inspection will include a thorough investigation of your home or business with our state of the art equipment and two air samples for testing the indoor quality. We will use:

  • A Psychrometer for determining relative humidity.
  • A Moisture Meter to determine the moisture content within specific materials and walls
  • An Infrared Temperature thermometer to determine the exact temperature of specified items within your home or business.
  • A Zefon Bio-pump for collecting the 2 air samples in order to determine what you are breathing in at your home or place of business .
  • On occasion, we also will use a Thermal Imaging camera to take pictures of any pertinent temperature differential within your walls or fixtures when necessary.
  • During the inspection we will and can do additional testing inside the walls and surface testing of materials as needed and/or requested at additional cost.

Once the inspection is complete, a 3rd party, state licensed laboratory will test the samples and report the results back to us within 48 hours. If there is a mold problem present within your home or business, we will write up a step-by-step protocol for removal. This report will help save you money and time during the mold removal process by making sure the job is done correctly and no unnecessary work is added.